Yuri's Tersar Birthday was 20th of December, 1928

American artist: Yuri Tersar transformed reality, remarkably gifted master! He moved life into at eternal holiday and brings us joy! Nature is always the content of his arts. His paintings are light like the bright sun or sea, a light-blue mist. They covey the sense of wide-open space and freedom.

  • Yuriy TerSar (Sarkisov) was born 20 December, 1928;

  • Graduated from the State Art College in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1950;

  • He was admitted as a member of the Soviet Union Society of Artists in 1963

  • Participated in the Republican Group exhibitions in 1960's-1980's;

  • One-man shows in Yerevan, Armenia, 1968 and 1973;

  • Participated in Art Show, Poznan, Poland, 1988;

  • Participated in Russian Avantgarde show in Helsinki, Finland, 1989;

  • Participated in Contemporary Russian Art Show, Stuttgart, Germany, 1989;

  • Emigrated to United States in 1992;

  • One-man show at the Museum of Fine Art, RISD, Providence, RI, 1994;

  • Show at Virginia Lynch Gallery, Tiverton, RI, 1994;

  • Show at Fedulov Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 1997;

  • Show at International Gallery, Charlotte, NC, 1997;

  • Show at Artopia Gallery, Manhattan, NY, 1998;

  • ART Manege Moscow FAIR 2009, Moscow, Russia, 2009;

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