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Updated: Apr 17

Landscape Painting - The depiction of natural scenery such as rivers, sea, mountains, forests, trees, valleys, islands, villages, etc. The main focus of landscape painting is the natural scenery. Landscape painting points to the wide view of nature. Landscape painting can be created with oil painting, watercolor, pastels, etc.

What is the viewpoint of Landscape Painting?

The viewpoint of Landscape Painting can be copied from nature or the imaginary. Landscape painting can be categorized in different ways such as riverscapes, moonscapes, skyscapes, cityscapes, etc. The sky is always included in the view & weather is the composition of landscape painting.

When did Landscape Painting emerge?

The two main emerging traditions for Landscape Painting were Chinese Art & Western Painting. Ancient Chinese Landscape Painting began to narrate stories & poems in 206 BCE. Western Renaissance Landscape painting has been popular since the late 15th century. During the Renaissance Landscape Painting emerged as a serious Artistic Genre. Landscape definition was expanded in 20 the century to include Urban & Industrial landscapes.

Why is landscape painting so famous?

Landscape paintings can provide you with a spectacular view of nature in any room. Human’s innate awe of the natural world has ensured the perpetual popularity of landscape paintings among both artists and collectors, while different artistic movements have resulted in various styles within the landscape genre. These range from classical Greco-Roman-inspired works to Impressionistic to the surreal and abstract.

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